“Excellent, really enjoyed it… I feel so much more confident – Fantastic”

– Actual Client Comment1

In today’s ever changing corporate world, generic solutions and “Off the Shelf” training packages are simply not effective. Flexibility, innovation and a Fun approach are the keys to presenting training that actually Works. At Pyramid Training we work in partnership with you to identify your specific needs and objectives. We work closely with you to ensure that we understand your organisation and your culture and then we design bespoke packages that are relevant and incorporate company language and use scenarios that you recognise every day.



For years the corporate world has been asking for people with the right skills and work experience. However, the rules have changed.


Employers are now focusing on how they can recruit the right employees, retain them and motivate them to achieve their maximum potential.

To do this you have to understand the raw material you deal with everyday…People. We underpin all of our workshops by using a powerful Colour based behavioural model which helps individuals understand what makes them “Tick” and thereby gives them a deeper understanding of the way they interact with others in whatever role they may have.



Whatever your Training and Development needs Pyramid will work in partnership with you to get the most from your employees and help them get the most from themselves. Above all we believe that people learn better when they are having FUN! Delivering our unique brand of “Infotainment” ™, we guarantee you will enjoy our events more than any you have ever attended before.